10 Must-Follow Crafty DIY Blogs

Transforming your home on a budget can get a little tricky without the right guidance. With an abundance of blogs available on the world wide web, it’s hard to know which ones will be right for you. Here is a collection of my favourite thrifty DIY blogs that will really get your creative juices flowing.

Must-follows for any crafty DIY diva:


This blog is a collection of clever little ideas you can make at home, from home decor to fashion ideas that will refresh and transform your wardrobe. With lots of additional recipes and fun food to make, she really has the whole package.

A Pair & a Spare

With a load of fashion DIY inspiration and fun little ways to spruce up any room, super thrifty Geneve’s blog is full of lots of amazing ideas that could keep you busy for hours. My favourite is her DIY Woven Market Backpack.

Jessica Keala

Jessica brings a splash of originality when it comes to her DIY projects. Her themed holiday gift ideas for halloween candy and sweet easter egg gifts make her really stand out. Jessica also makes personalised labels that are perfect for original gift ideas and crafty pieces for around the house.

Design Milk

This cute blog is sure to get your creativity flowing, packed with fabulous and original interior design and art ideas.

The Cottage Market

This thrifty upcycling blog will help you bring a country farmhouse feel to any home, with ingenious ideas you can make yourself that will transform your house on a budget. She includes a couple of recipes and fun food ideas too.

Paper and Stitch

Covering everything from fashion, DIY and hairstyles to home furniture, decor and beauty ideas, this blog is sure to keep you busy. With so many innovative projects, this is a must-follow blog for DIY creatives.

Gypsy Soul

Gypsy Soul has a great Thrifty Thursday section that’s full of great ideas to save money on all sorts of things, like upcycling clothes and furniture.

Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days has a lot to celebrate, with loads of clever party ideas. This blog is full of clever DIY hacks that would be great for any party and some original decorating ideas on a budget.

Vintage Reveals

If you’re looking for quick and easy DIY hacks for your home then look no further than Mandie’s blog. She makes even the biggest DIY home projects seem do-able with her simple instructions and easy-to-find materials. Mandie’s blog is sure to have your home looking incredible on a small budget. My favorite is her 15 Minute DIY Gold Bracket Shelves.

We lived happily ever after

This blog is a must-follow full of ingenious ideas for home improvements. With loads of ideas for adults and kids alike, this blog is sure to have you saving the pennies. She even has some great, thrifty ideas for weddings!  

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