Unhappy With Your Decolletage? Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Along with the hairstyle you choose, neckline plays a big part in how you carry off a certain outfit. It can also have a big impact on how you feel about yourself. No matter what you’re working with, we can all feel unsure from time to time.

If you find yourself tugging at your top, or wishing you had more to fill it — read on.

Are you wearing the right bra?

The right underwear can make a big difference to how your clothes look. Whether you want a completely smooth look under a tight dress, or prefer to show a hint of a racy lace under your shirt — make sure that you’ve got the right style of bra on underneath your dress.

If you are on the curvy side, you will need to make sure that you get a bra that supports your back. Smaller-chested women may prefer a bra with little underwiring, or then you may opt for a fuller look with a push-up bra.

It’s a good idea to get measured and fitted at a proper lingerie shop so that you 100% know your size.

Are your clothes the right fit?

Fashion these days is free and inclusive.

And though we have moved on from restrictive ‘dress for your body shape’ days, there is still a grain of truth in getting to know your body shape, and figuring out what styles and cuts are most flattering to you.

Wearing the wrong sorts of clothes could mean that you end up with bulges and stretches in odd places, making you feel uncomfortable.

Try on a range of different cuts in a LBD style so you don’t get distracted by the color or anything else. Just look at how the dress hugs your body — and you will quickly see whether strapless, sweetheart, A-line, or slash neck best suits you.

Is it worth worrying about?

You can often feel more self-conscious about your curves if you start thinking that ‘everyone is looking’. Try not to overthink, and focus on having fun with your sense of fashion instead.

When it comes to nerve-wracking occasions like a first date, go for some stress-free and tried and tested outfits you know you’ll look good in. There is nothing worse like not being able to relax and enjoy an event because of a poor outfit choice!

Plan and test your clothes out in advance to avoid any last-minute nerves.

Coco Chanel’s advice on getting ready to go out?

Get ready…then take one thing off.”

Less can be more.

What do other women say?

It can be empowering and inspiring to talk to other women, and hear how they feel about their bodies.

From Keira Knightley, to Laverne Cox, many Hollywood women have come out and spoken about their attitude towards their bodies — and there is a whole diverse range of shapes and sizes and experiences. Sharing in other women’s stories can be a great way to get some perspective on your own.

Try opening up a dialogue with friends or people online to find your own ‘body tribe’.

Dressing up your breasts should be fun, not stressful! Take inspiration from other women with your body shape for some ideas on how to look your best.


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