4 Florida Brands Moms Will Adore

The Sunshine State has a lot going for it. Gorgeous beaches, amazing weather, a thriving cultural scene — the list is endless. But where Florida really comes into its own is its businesses: labours of love run by hard-working entrepreneurs with a passion. Let’s run through a few of the best Florida brands that moms will adore, and learn what we can take away them too.

IGi Playground

Florida is full of exciting theme parks and playgrounds. But we’ve all been there: taking our kids to a playground or jungle gym and dealing with the tears, screams, and bumps and bruises. It’s a stressful time, but it’s worth it to see the joy on their faces, right?

But IGi Playground spreads that joy even further with their charitable initiatives. They have a deep commitment to the protection of endangered animals, and 10% of the playground’s profits go towards protecting one of the 41,000 species that are under threat in the world.

But it’s not just the animal kingdom that gets a look in. IGi Playground also donates a portion of its profits to funding educational programs for underprivileged children in the Third World. On top of that, their playgrounds are fun and vibrant. And with a huge pirate ship to play on, any kids with a passion for pirates will love IGi Playground.

Takeaway tip for entrepreneurs

Even the smallest of businesses can afford to help contribute to charity. Implement a donation scheme for a cause that’s close to your heart and encourage your customers to do the same. And if you’ve got the time, take it further with some community outreach. Connect with some local causes close to your business and set some time aside for you and your team to help out.

Miami Tour Company

Miami is a beautiful sprawling metropolis, but how much do you really know The Magic City? If you still can’t tell your Calle 8 from your Biscayne Boulevard, then you’ll love the Miami Tour Company.

Founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team Michelle and Gus Moore, Miami Tour Company uses a GPS-guided system to deliver pre-recorded guides through the city’s as you pass them. There are eight different languages available, and with easily adjustable seats so even the most fidgety of kids will be comfortable.

While Michelle and Gus started in Miami, they expanded their business rapidly, and today they cover the Everglades, Key West, and Orlando as well. They’re an inspirational couple that built their brand up from the ground with love and dedication, and it really shows in everything they do.

Takeaway tip for entrepreneurs

Michelle and Gus were working tables when they met, and saved their pennies for five years to pay off their student loans and credit card debt. But they made the jump and started their own business — and it paid off. It was tough, but with hard work and the kind of teamwork that only marriage can bring, they achieved it. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t stop grinding, and you too can achieve entrepreneur success.

Furor Moda

If you’re a mom with a passion for handmade fashion, you’ll love Tatiana Torres’ Furor Moda. Based in Miami, Furor Moda offers dozens of gorgeous dresses, skirts, tops, and more, all lovingly handcrafted by Tatiana.

With years of experience in the fashion industry and driven by a strong passion, Tatiana took the plunge and realised her apparel ecommerce dreams by founding Furor Moda. She chose Miami as her base because: “We’re exposed to such a large diversity of culture and the city is continually growing — making it the ideal place to base an online business”.

Tatiana combines her stylish apparel with a beautiful blog featuring her ‘muses’, offering rich photographs of stunning models and gorgeous fashion. Her passion for her craft really shines through everywhere on her website, providing inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Takeaway tip for entrepreneurs

While there are plenty of brick-and-mortar brands that impress us in Florida, it’s easy to forget the plethora of thriving online businesses the Sunshine State has to offer.

Want to get in on the act? It’s easy to build your own online store with one of the many DIY ecommerce website builders available to you. Virtually any industry can benefit from an ecommerce platform, so there’s bound to be something to suit your business.


In today’s day and age, time is a scarce commodity. Between the school run, the commute, and the nine-to-five, finding time to spend just reading with your kids can be tough. This is especially true if you work away a lot, or if you’re serving in the military.

Caribu knows how tough it can be, which is why it created an easy-to-use video platform to let families, guardians, and mentors read and draw when they’re apart. It’s simple and straightforward, so even the youngest of kids can use it. Plus, Caribu offers free access to military families, meaning they can still stay in touch with their loved ones while they’re serving our country abroad.

Takeaway tip for entrepreneurs

Caribu might seem like a basic video streaming service, but it’s so much more. It lets families read books on the app, as well as drawing and sharing images too. It’s a simple idea that’s effective too. To make your brand stand out, try and think beyond your product or service to really meet the needs of your customers.

Florida is home to countless great brands that you’ll love. If you want to join the rich business community in the Sunshine State, take some inspiration from the brands above to really see your business soar.


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