Top Tips For Rejuvenating Your Home

1. Refresh the paint

A fresh lick of paint can transform any home in just a couple of hours. Although this may seem like an obvious one, paint can sometimes become dingy and off-color after a while. Opt for lighter shades and soft neutral tones to make the other colors in your room pop.

If you really can’t part with your favourite bold or dark color, keep it to a minimum by only using it on accent walls or through accessories and furniture.

Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the ceiling. White paint will reflect light and give your room the illusion of being bigger, whatever its size.

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2. Brighten your furniture

Use of light colors doesn’t just apply to walls. White or light-colored furnishings will brighten any home and reflect natural light, enhancing your home’s natural beauty.


3. Dress your home with mirrors

Mirrors are a surefire way to maximize natural light in your home. They will make any room feel more spacious and are the perfect pieces to jazz up your space, whether rustic wood, brightly colored or metallic.


4. Add texture with plants

Even the smallest of plants can enhance your home. Large indoor plants are perfect for big, open plan spaces, yet may be overwhelming in smaller rooms. If you’re working with a smaller area, then miniature houseplants can be ideal. But of course, remember to water them!


5. Assess artwork and ornaments

Are your ornaments bringing your room down or adding clutter? Take some time to decide if they are adding to your home or whether it’s time for a change. Hang wall art or posters that add character and complement the feel of the room. Similarly, spend some time decluttering your surfaces to optimize space.


6. Enhance your lighting

When cleaning, it’s easy to forget that our light bulbs and lampshades need some TLC. Keeping them dust-free will brighten up your rooms and is a super quick fix to sprucing up your home. Switching to bulbs with higher wattage (or the highest recommended) may give your home the lift it has been looking for.


Have you given any of these tips a go? Let us know in the comments below.  



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